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“My mission trip was life changing and taught me so much. I learned that there are so many other ways of life outside of my own, but that everyone desires a relationship with Jesus. Also, I learned to see Jesus in the poor and in everyone around me. I feel that after going on this mission trip, I am better equipped to share my faith with others, and I have completely opened my heart to God and His plan for my life.”

– Erica Carnohan, University of California, Santa Barbara, former FOCUS Greek Mission Trip participant





Serve alongside your fellow brothers and sisters in the Greek system on a FOCUS Greek mission trip!  These missions provide an opportunity for men and women to cultivate deeper brotherhood and sisterhood with other Greeks across the country.  You also have the opportunity to foster leadership abilities as you serve the poor around the world.


Spring Break 2017 #4 (Greek)

  • Dates: March 24- April 2, 2017*
  • Trip Director: Helcio Sumbe
  • Mission Co-Leaders: McKel Heebink, Paul Mosher, Abby Haarmann
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,500*

Trinidad and Tobago

Spring Break 2017 #2 (FOCUS Greek Mission Trip)

  • Dates: March 10-19, 2017
  • Trip Director: Sarah Hirschfeldt
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Lauren Lagassie, Matthew Moseley, Andrew Laflamme
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,300*

Costa Rica

Spring Break 2017 #2 (Greek)

  • Dates: March 10-19, 2017
  • Trip Director: Carter Hawkins
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Teresa Henderson, Stone Robbins, Brianne Sanford
  • Amount to Fundraise: $1,700*


Spring Break 2017 #2b (FOCUS Greek)

  • Dates:  March 10-19, 2017 
  • Trip Director: James Van Matre
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Julie LeFort, Amanda George
  • Amount to Fundraise: $1,700*

Spring Break 2017 #3a (FOCUS Greek)

  • Dates:  March 17- 26, 2017
  • Trip Director: Hannah Schinkel
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Ashlyn Dunn, Terrence Huffines, Sarah Stratman, Joel Sarmiento
  • Amount to Fundraise: $1,700*


Spring Break 2017 #1 (Missionaries of Charity, Greek)

  • Dates: March 3-12, 2017
  • Trip Director: Joseph West
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Lauren Largen, Katelyn Miller, Andrew Thompson
  • Amount to Fundraise: $1,700*

Summer 2017 #2 (Missionaries of Charity, Greek)

  • Dates: July, 2017*
  • Trip Director: Tally Latcham
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Mary DeWitt, Wyatt Kain, Mary Caillouet
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,000*

Mexico City

Spring Break 2017 #2 (Greek)

  • Dates: March 10-19, 2017 
  • Trip Director: Marshall Bolling
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Erin Scanlan, Claire Howington, Liz Korus, Patrick Spethman
  • Amount to Fundraise: $1,600*


Spring Break 2017 #2b (Greek)

  • Dates: March 10-19, 2017
  • Trip Director: David West
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Hayley Weigand, Alec Maly, Fallon Scanlan
  • Amount to Fundraise: $1,450*


Price includes: Roundtrip airfare to mission country, travel insurance, pre-trip orientation retreat, post-trip debriefing retreat, all food, lodging, materials, and in-country transportation. (Does not include: immunizations and travel meds, your travel to/from US departure city [departure city will be determined by the Mission Director], passport/visa expenses, other personal incidentals).

* Dates and amount to fundraise subject to change

  1. Each FOCUS Missions participant has the opportunity to fundraise the entire cost of their mission trip. Consider that fundraising allows people who may not have the opportunity to travel on a mission trip to participate in this essential work through you. In another sense, “some give by going while others go by giving.” Allowing others to support us through their financial commitments and prayers is essential to the success of FOCUS Missions!
  2. You will be contacted by your personal fundraising coach soon after you have been accepted on a mission trip to train and mentor you in each step along the way.
  3. Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email with your fundraising questions.

“Leading up to the trip I prayed a rosary every day, dedicating each decade to different groups/intentions (ex. the people of Puerto Rico, my mission partners, open hearts, etc.). While in Puerto Rico, I was surprisingly able to let go and forget about everything that had been troubling me. I truly felt the graces of peace and love flowing out throughout the entire trip. Every day that I think about Puerto Rico, I get a sense of peace that washes over me; I know I will always be called to serve God’s people! The two best and most fruitful parts of the trip for me were the daily holy hours/Mass, as well as the conversations we had with the other missionaries and religious brothers we had with us (Br. Mark-Mary and Br. Lazarus) from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. Learning from and witnessing other athletes like me from around the country was really encouraging, and now we have a wider base of friends and resources!”

– Lexi Platz, Minnesota State University-Mankato

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