“The FOCUS missions trip has been a huge step forward in my walk with Christ. You don’t know how much you need God until He is all you have.  Being so much out of your element forces you to lean on Him, and now I have an idea of what that is like in everyday life.”

– Aaron Pribanic, University of Nebraska


Language: English

Exports: Copper, coal, cigarettes

Fun Fact: No state has as many different species of mammals as Montana.


In the northwest of the continental United States lies the great state of Montana, known for beautiful Bighorn mountain views, Glacier Park, and Yellowstone Park. Amidst the natural beauty, you will also find the supernatural crown of God’s creation: human souls who desire love. At the St Paul Catholic Mission in Hays, Montana, we will be assisting the Church as it continues to reach out to spiritually uplift and console the peoples who live in the Native American Reservations. Established by the Jesuits in the 1880s, the Mission is full of beautiful and historic architecture for many churches and local shrines. Prepare for a renewed conviction of the goodness of Creation and joy as you share your life, love and prayer with the fellow missionaries and the beautiful people of Montana.


Spring Break 2017

  • Dates: March 3-12, 2017
  • Mission Director: Dylan Eilertsen
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Peter O’Donnell, Laura Miller
  • Amount to Fundraise: $700*

Price includes: Travel insurance, pre-trip orientation retreat, post-trip debriefing retreat, all food, lodging, and on-mission transportation. (Does not include: your travel to/from mission location, other personal incidentals).

* Dates and price subject to change

  1. Each FOCUS Missions participant has the opportunity to fundraise the entire cost of their mission trip. Consider that fundraising allows people who may not have the opportunity to travel on a mission trip to participate in this essential work through you. In another sense, “some give by going while others go by giving.” Allowing others to support us through their financial commitments and prayers is essential to the success of FOCUS Missions!
  2. You will be contacted by your personal fundraising coach soon after you have been accepted on a mission trip to train and mentor you in each step along the way.
  3. Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email with your fundraising questions.


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