“Peru changed my life in so many ways. This trip opened up my heart to anything that stepped in my path and to the path that God wanted me to go. In my experience, I shared all the love I had and more with the children and people of Peru. God is present in every single person there and you can see it in their faces that they need God. I got to be the one to help show them God’s love. Peru was such a rewarding mission trip; I made lifelong friendships, journeyed closer to God, and stepped into learning about my faith (every day I am surprised by how much God loves me and how much I love him back).”

– Dana Chicoine, Des Moines Area Community College


Language: Spanish

Fun fact: The ancient Incan city of Machu Picchu was discovered in 1911 by explorer, professor, and archaeologist Hiram Bingham who was acting as leader of the Yale Peruvian Scientific Expedition. An estimated 1.5 million tourists visit Machu Picchu each year.

Imagine waking to an altitude of 14,000 feet, breathing in the crisp air of the Andes, and praying that today you may “cry the gospel with your life.” This is a dream that can be your reality as we renew our faith adventure in the country of Peru.  We will be working with the Christian Life Movement, beginning in Lima, where you will have the chance to serve Christ by working in the poorest neighborhoods surrounding the capital city, as well as making pilgrimages to the tombs of two of Peru’s greatest Saints: St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres.

The group will then venture high into the Andes Mountains to the remote villages that populate the scenic Colca Canyon – “The World’s Deepest Canyon”. Picture yourself hiking the rugged, mountainous terrain to the fields, homes, and pastures of the people as you bring them the message of Jesus Christ; all while building relationships and experiencing firsthand the beauty of the Peruvian people and culture!  Your mission here will shift to evangelization and leading daily youth catechesis where there is a tremendous lack of regular availability to the Sacraments and Catholic religious education.

Upon your return to Lima, you will have the opportunity to work at a children’s home – Hogar San Francisco de Asis – where disabled and abandoned children from all over Peru are brought for medical care. Work side-by-side with volunteers from across the world as you share the love of God with children greatly in need of it. This has been one of the best mission experiences FOCUS has realized in the past, and now you have a chance to join the legacy.

For information about the Peru trip to the Amazon, click here.

Spring Break 2016 #1

  • Dates: March 5-12, 2016
  • Mission Director: Cody Moore
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Conner Mattern, Hannah Brehm, Jennifer Stenzel
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,000*

Spring Break 2016 #2A

  • Dates: March 12-19, 2016
  • Mission Director: Tori Vissat
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Fallon Scanlan, Matthew Ketcham, Sarah Renard, Jacob Leins
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,000*

Spring Break 2016 #2B

  • Dates: March 12-19, 2016
  • Trip Director: David West
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Kylie Brasel, Joshua McGuinness, Stephanie Driskill
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,000*

Spring Break 2016 #3

  • Dates: March 19-26, 2016
  • Mission Director: Megan Lawrence 
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Sabrina Song, Luke Miller, Joseph Bianco
  • Amount to Fundraise: $2,000*

Summer 2016 (Andes, Peru)

  • Dates: July, 2016*
  • Mission Director: Michael Mollman 
  • Mission Co-Leaders: Celeste Meyer, Kelsey Bindel
  • Amount to Fundraise: $3,400*

For information about the Peru trip to the Amazon, click here.

Price includes: Round-trip airfare to mission country, travel insurance, pre-trip orientation retreat, post-trip debriefing retreat, all food, lodging, materials, and in-country transportation. (Does not include: immunizations and travel meds, your travel to/from US departure city [departure city will be determined by the Mission Director], passport/visa expenses, other personal incidentals).

* Dates and price subject to change

  1. Each FOCUS Missions participant has the opportunity to fundraise the entire cost of their mission trip. Consider that fundraising allows people who may not have the opportunity to travel on a mission trip to participate in this essential work through you. In another sense, “some give by going while others go by giving.” Allowing others to support us through their financial commitments and prayers is essential to the success of FOCUS Missions!
  2. You will be contacted by your personal fundraising coach soon after you have been accepted on a mission trip to train and mentor you in each step along the way.
  3. Please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email with your fundraising questions.

“This was an amazing opportunity to work shoulder to shoulder with other people in need. As a team, it gave us the opportunity to practice sacrificial poverty with those who are poor. The trip also deepened our theological appreciation for the way in which all of us are called to imitate Christ by embracing his poverty.”

– Joshua Nunziato, Villanova University

“My mission trip to Peru taught me about becoming a lifelong missionary — a vocation we are all called to participate in. While in Peru, I was radically changed by the evangelization work we were able to complete, as witnessing God’s protecting love in countless ways was life-changing for me. The most important realization I was blessed with is this: mission work is a marathon, not a sprint. The life-changing power of God is within each of us, and He calls us to unite ourselves with Him and His will every day of our lives — not just during the amazing, intensive experience of a 25 day trip to Peru.”

– Abby Egner, University of Virginia

“Just do it. If I never went on this mission trip, I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet all these holy people that I can now call my close friends. And I would have never realized who God actually is. I always thought He was just this almighty figure and I was just this lowly servant. I never understood how much he loved me and everybody in this world. We’re not just servants, but His beloved sons and daughters.”

– Emmanuel Llanda, University of California- Berkeley


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