Dear Students, healing

On October 23rd, 2005, the Catholic Church canonized a new saint from our modern age.  From the country of Chile, St. Alberto Hurtado, was a Jesuit priest that had an ardent love for the Faith, an incredible love for the poor, but also a particular love for university students.  St. Alberto Hurtado recognized that the university was where ideas of culture are formed and where future leaders of the world are produced.  Today, with unprecedented access to the ends of the earth, there is need for a new species of mission – one that shares the Catholic Faith around the world, serves the poor in radical ways, but also brings the incredible wisdom gained through this mission experience back to college campuses where it can be projected back into culture.  You, student missionaries, are who God is calling to accomplish this mission.

It should no longer be the exception, but the status quo that as faithful Christians we serve as missionaries.  St. Alberto Hurtado frequently highlighted the need for our cooperation with God and His invitation to serve.  With particular regards to mission, Hurtado wrote:

“The test of faith is love, heroic love, and heroism is not an obligation. The priesthood, missions, works of charity, these are not items of obligation, yet they are absolutely necessary for the Church and these are all works of generosity. The day there are no missionaries, the Faith will not advance, and missions are not an obligation. The day that there is nobody to care for the lepers, the poor… there will not be distinctive testimony of Christ, and these works are not obligatory… The day that there are no saints, there will not be a Church and sainthood is not an obligation. How grand is this idea! The Church does not live contingent on duties, but instead the generosity of Her faithful! How grand is the confidence that God has extended to focus on our generosity and wait that we might respond!”

“If He were to call, how would you respond?”

Brothers and sisters, SAINTHOOD is there for your taking!!!  The ADVENTURE is yours for the taking!  Give your “yes” to God and we hope to have YOU on a FOCUS Mission in 2016!

Grace and peace be with you,

Jeff Runyan
Director of FOCUS Missions

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